E.CONNECT ASSETS acquires mine “Zamchalovskaya”.

E.CONNECT ASSETS acquires coal-mining company Mine “Zamchalovskaya” in the town Gukovo in Rostov Oblast, Russia.

Industrial reserves of the mine Zamchalovskaya amount to 27 million 451 thousand tons of the class A meta-anthracite coal, and the planned volume of extraction is 1 million tons per year. Coal is laid in the coalbeds of 0,85 to 1,25 meters in thickness. As of this moment, 700 thousand tons are prepared for the extraction.

Coal, extracted from the mine Zamchalovskaya, can be sold on the several potential markets: domestic and foreign markets of the anthracite consumers in metallurgy; electrode manufacturers  and producers of non-ferrous metals, such as copper and aluminum; market of the coal consumption as a fuel for communal companies (Novocherkassk and potentially other CHP plants); regional market of the construction materials; market of export via ports of Azov and Black seas.

The decision was made by the E.CONNECT ASSETS to invest in the mine Zamchalovskaya in order to reach the maximum possible capacity of its production. The investment plan has been designed in order to optimize processes of coal mining and benefication, to modernize above and underground complex of the mine and to improve the output of the company. At the moment the coal mine Zamchalovskaya is being maintained in the state of sustentation of excavating. Resumption of the works in the mine is planned for the year 2018, aiming to reach the productive capacity of 1 million tons per year.

Since the first day of the Group’s work in the region, leadership conducts regular meetings with the government of Rostov region, where current issues of reconstruction and further development of the mines are discussed.

About 5 million euros have been invested into the acquisition and reconstruction of the mines Rostovskaya and Zamchalovskaya. Further investments into development of the mines are estimated to amount to about 50 million euros.